Disneys Polynesian Village Resort in Orlando, Florida - Polynesian nightmare

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Went on my first family vacation and took my five year old. We stayed at the Polynesian.

Upon checking into our room I went to go on the balcony which over looked the water, I noticed the handle to the sliding glass door was broke. When I cam in I went to shut it and the door because the handle was broke off slammed my middle finger in the door. It gushed with blood and I thought I was going to pass out and thought I lost the tip of my finger. My husband looked at it and took me down to the front desk to make them aware of the door and what had happened.

They gave me a band aid and advised that they would have it fixed. My finger continued to bleed very badly, we had towels soaked with blood and went through the bad aid. My husband took me back down to the desk and they offered to call me a taxi to go to the hospital. I was appalled.

I was going to have to pay for the taxi, miss out on my vacation and drag my five year old to a ER.I advised them that I would apply pressure and continue to bandage it (which I had to pay over six dollars for a box of them) and see how it was the next day. They did not fill out a report or offer anything. The next day I went down and showed them again my finger and was told that the only thing they could do was call me a cab (again which I had to pay for). I was not going to ruin the family vacation for the other eight people I was with so I decided not to go, again nothing was reported by the staff.

I went to our room and got a shower, looked down and the shower curtain was filled with mold. Called the desk and was advised that our building had not be renovated yet as the others were. What does a moldy shower curtain have to do with that? I also advised them that the AC was not working properly that the room felt damp and the bed when you slept in it felt like you were sleeping on damp sheets, again I was advised that it was not renovated yet.

This resort cost 500+ night and to have this type of service is a joke. I WILL NOT stay here again.

Disneys Polynesian Village Resort - Employee Ruined our Engagement Cake

Not resolved

We have traveled to Disney for over 30 years. Our recent visit in December 2011 was terrible. We arrived with our familly, our children and grandkids to have an engagement party. We had ordered an engagement cake to have dellivered to our room.

We arrived December 19, 2011, and left for a dinner celebration at Yahtsmans. After dinner we were returning to celebrate with our engagement cake and head to the Polynesian to sit by the water and watch the 10:00 holiday fireworks.

While we were gone an employee entered our room and hit the door so hard that it knocked the topper of the cake and destroyed our cake.

We returned about 7:30 and immediately called management. They said they would immediately call Leslie Smith who was handling this cake. We had no response and the next morning were informed that Disney was scheduling a lock interrigation on the room to confirm this employee entered the room. They needed a couple of days to do this and speak to the cast member. Three days later, it was confirmed. The executive management team was verly calous and had David Kong contact us. He offered an ice cream social in the Pop Century food court or another cake from the local Publlix grocery store.He stated that it was a busy time and the cake would not be as good though. This was not ok with us. Even after David King (Pop Century Guest Relations Manager) repeated this multiple times, he kept repeating the same thing and said these are your only options. We found this very disrespectful. To us, it's like having a Birthday party without the cake. Only worse. The event was already over. It was ruined. We even tried to contact Leslie Smith (Manager of guest services at 407-560-3229) who was handling this cake from December 19 on with no response.



Comments to those posting bad things...God's got a sense of humor. I wish all of you the same.

And for the ignorant ones who don't get what I read abut this ...read it again. Disney charges lots for cakes.This was a two tear wedding cake.FaAmily came to this event. Did you ever think that this ruined cake was paid for? Maybe this cake was the celebration.

Would you buy and pay full price for a car that was damaged? I doubt it.

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Someone is playing around again. Whoever is posting as "To the person posting comments o" is clearly pretending to be me.

I admit this incident never happened and I was just trying to get free cake for my grandchildren. Please let this die before Disney thinks I am continuing trying to scam them and sues me.


They RUINED our day!!! No YOU ruined your day.

Things do happen.

What if you had bumped the cake would you be on here complaining that YOU Ruined your day? As you said "Its Over" so get over it and move on.

The fact that they couldnt produce the exact cake for you is not their fault. And who spends $450.00 on a cake anyways?


First of all the cake was destroyed and there were pictures. The sad part is that they never touched the cake.

Disney removed it. They were going to resolve it after a lock interrogation. It did cause them to be in tears. If you bought a 450 item and it was ruined , never used and an offer of an ice cream social was given after the fact, I think you would feel the same.

Disney did wrong.Do you realize this event can never be replaced? It is over.

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I don't know who is pretending to be me but I only post under the username Sallyannlace

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Well nikalseyn you are no genius either. You got fired from Walmart for borrowing a pen. You thought since you worked there and the pen did not leave the store it was okay for you to open up a package and take a pen that you needed.

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Disney and my family wants me to apologize for this review and wants me to admit that this never happened in the first place and we ate and enjoyed the cake. It was never destroyed, I was just hoping for a second free cake since my grandchildren enjoyed the first one so much.

This past week, we had top decoraters enlarge and evaluate the cake pictures. If you do the same, I believe you will understand. I am writting this letter as a final attempt to get resolution and closure.

This has been brought to our attention:

In looking at cake pictures. (If you enlarge them, you can see it tiltiing)

After asking many cake decorators in the area, they stated that the topper bottom piece possibly was too heavy and the cake softened causing the topper to tilt and fall into the cake. When the employee hit the door into the table, it knocked the topper off destroying the cake. Either the topper was too heavy for the cake, causing the cake to fall while we were gone; and/or the employee hitting the door hard enough to put marks on the door caused the cake to fall, and/or the cake after being taken out of refrigeration softened. We were told that Buttercream will do this as will other frostings.

Either way, this event was ruined. Asking us and insulting us by offering an ice-cream social or a Publix cake was very demeaning to our family. The event was over. .

The frustration of this has led to the fact that after a 35 year legacy for our family, has been crushed. This issue could have been resolved, but Disney seems to not care. We did not eat one *** from this cake, the ruined dinner at Yahtsmans was not eaten or corrected ( despite us being told it was comped, that is incorrect,), and the previous cake issues ( a lack of calls back by Disney employees and even selling a cake that would cause food poisoning is not ok).
We believe that this cake had a value, an apology at least would be nice and at least inform the cake department what has happened so this does not happen to future guests. If the topper was too heavy and the cake colapsed, people need to know. If the employee hit the door into the door that employee needs to know. If the second layer was not put on correctly, the employee needs to know. If the cake softens when out, let people know.

Whatever the reason, our event was ruined.

And finally, we spent three days resolving this issue with David. It was not possible without closure to this to enjoy our stay.

We realize the event can not be replaced, but the cake has a value, and so does our lost time at Disney. Something other that an ice cream social should have been offered. Something other than a publix cake should have been offered. The three days lost, which I am sure you can scan our tickets used those three days and see we did not continue our trip.

Risk management kept asking me what do we want. After thinking about it, we decided to have a professioinal look at the pictures of the cake. We know this event can not be replaced. The emotion has been really devastating and we need a closure on this. This is what Pat and I have spoke about. We are asking that Disney offer something back in the value of the cake other than a Publix cake, or an ice cream social. Possibly, replacement tickets either park hopper, or water park tickets for the three days lost. The other option would be three nites at any of your other resorts. Not Pop Century. We never will return there again.

Thank you,


Spoke to Faith this morning.

She stated that Disney will not answer my e-mail to Leslie. She felt we should have accepted an ice cream social or a Publix cake in place of the ruined cake. I aksed if she had looked at the cake pictures, and she did not respond.

I explained that we believe we have made every resonable attempt to resolve not just this issue but many of the issues that have occurred. These issues have caused us great loss.

Disney should have done something. How demeaning to offer a ice cream social or a cake from a grocery store.

I agree that the event was over. I would never return to Disney again.




Yes, the cake was ruined. The cake was a two tear cake.

Just like a wedding cake. The topper did destroy the side of the cake. Both the topper and the piece holding the topper on was knocked off and on the floor.

We did not eat any of the cake. Disney removed the cake.


Really...ruined? How does a light cake topper tipping over "ruin" a cake?

Certainly the icing was a bit scuffed up but you still had your cake and probably ate it too!

They should have given you a partial refund, or what they actually did or a full refund if you gave them back the cake and ate none of it. You probably went on and on and on which is why he had to curtly say "This is your only option."


Pay no attention to "so sad." She forgot to take her medication today and is thus in one of her "moods."

I am dismayed at the treatment you received from WDW. We go twice a year and have always gotten great service from everyone.

I also was at WDW last month and the only complaint I had was with the food at the Trails Inn over at Ft. Wilderness campground. It was terrible, as was the service. However, that is a first in all these years I have had any kind of problem with Disney.

If I were you, I would keep on this until it is resolved to your satisfaction. I expect if you go high enough, it will. Disney is a good company and from my experience always tries to do the right thing.

Remember, be nice. Not rude or argumentative.


It's hard to take you seriously when you have the grammar of a first grader. You should go back to first grade and learn something.

It's spelled "very" not "verly" and "callous" not "calous". Good going.

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